Studiya Safarova

One of our most popular strategy training programs follows a team launching an electric car start-up in China. Other programs follow a digital luxury business and a new skincare business. Design drives the product, customer experience, and business model thinking for each of these programs. Studiya Safarova is our internal design studio leading this bespoke work. The Studiya designed and led the year-long remodeling of The Strategy Media Group’s production center in Los Angeles.

About Us

At the Strategy Media Group, we believe in the power of critical thinking, creativity, and storytelling to teach our clients to solve mankind’s toughest problems.

Based in Los Angeles, our design center and head office, with a presence in Toronto, Las Vegas, Beijing and Moscow, The Strategy Media Group wholly owns and operates digital platforms that teach advanced business strategy. Our programming is streamed in >150 countries 24/7 through feature-rich Apps and websites.





verb: past tense: curated; past participle: curated

  1. select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge.

We work with the most eminent ex-McKinsey, BCG et al senior partners to produce curated strategy training programming. A single program can take up to 4 years to plan, produce and release.

Contact Us

If you have a question about one of our digital properties, please use the comments section/contact form on that property. We manage the group through each business.