Studiya Safarova is developing the business model, exterior design, showroom, customer experience strategy and branding for a Chinese electric car start-up. The Strategy Media Group is an investor in the business.

We will capture all our steps, insights, analyses and lessons and you can follow us along. Our goal is to teach you to think the way ex-strategy partners do, introduce you to advanced problem solving skills and teach you how to build a business, or work inside a high-tech business in a brutally competitive space. You will see the process is disciplined in its thinking, but messier than a consulting engagement.

We are chasing a deadline. You will follow us, in real time, as we make some very important decisions on what/if/when/how we will design, assemble and/or manufacture? How will we start the process? What will be our first product? What market will we target? How will we set up manufacturing? There will be many more tough questions we will answer in the program.

As you will see, it is an incredibly tough task in a very crowded field, with significant technical and regulatory hurdles along with steep capital requirements.