At the Strategy Media Group, we believe in the power of critical thinking, creativity, and storytelling to teach our clients to solve mankind’s toughest problems.

We provide a full range of content development, financing, marketing and distribution services for wholly-owned non-scripted television properties, documentaries, feature films, and podcasts all related to the teaching of business strategy. We help bring unique programming to life within our own portfolio, as well as producing programming for the businesses in which we invest. 

We have financed, packaged or distributed more than 45 premium business programs and documentaries through our OTT platforms, including “The Electric Car StartUp,” “The Digital Luxury Atelier,” “The Gold Miner” and “Competitive Strategy with Kevin P. Coyne” and we have always focused on social causes like championing the rights of disenfranchised workers.

Our programming is analytically and conceptually deep, in that we dig into the numbers to help you understand the economics at work, and help you replicate the thinking we have deployed. “The Latin American Bank Study” and “Keeping the Lights On,” are programs used worldwide to understand the nuances of restructuring a retail bank and turning around a troubled power utility.

In the scripted space, we create original content combining entertainment and business teachings.  Our in-house design studio, Studiya Safarova, also leads all the design work for the initiatives featured in our programming, whether it is designing a new automobile to a new dimension of value in the cosmeceuticals segment.

Based in Los Angeles, our design center and head office, with a presence in Toronto, Las Vegas, Beijing and Moscow, The Strategy Media Group wholly owns and operates digital platforms that teach advanced business strategy. Our programming is streamed in >150 countries 24/7 through feature-rich Apps and websites.

We own the world’s most popular business strategy and business case podcast channels with >2 million downloads and counting, and the world’s largest business strategy OTT platform with >900 hours of original programming distributed on iOS, Android, Roku and Apple TV.

At any given time >1,000 unpublished episodes are in post-production. Our digital properties include StrategyTraining.com, StrategyTV.com, StrategyJournal.com, StrategyBooks.com, FIRMSconsulting.com, and TheConsultingOffer.com. Our apps include Strategy Training, Strategy TV, Strategy Skills and Bill Matassoni A Memoir.

We invest in and have exposure to the world’s fastest growing market segments and market geographies, including the BRICS. Our subscribers include senior government officials and leaders of industry all the way to the executive committee members of the world’s leading consulting firms. We work with eminent leaders such as ex-McKinsey, BCG et al. partners who plan, produce and/or host all our programming. The type of content we produce does not exist anywhere else in the world.

The Strategy Media Group’s mission is producing original long-form content to empower a loyal, hardworking, inspiring and ambitious worldwide audience to solve the most important problems and, as a result, make a positive and meaningful impact on the world.

Our clients make a difference because they aspire for more than that which society had intended for them. They do not confuse aspiration for ambition. They choose the latter. They act.